Global Cyber Risk helps decision-makers understand and mitigate the complex risks associated with managing information assets in the U.S. and abroad.

Today, all companies have to manage cross-border data flows, outsourced operations, and collaborative environments. Today’s digital environment is further complicated by a highly complex – and inconsistent – global legal framework governing privacy, security, and cybercrime and the general use of information technology.

We offer deliverable-based services – including training — in the areas of :

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Cybercrime
  • Breach Management & Forensic Investigations
  • Cyber Risk Management and Governance

We work with all companies:  small- and medium-sized organizations that are just beginning to approach privacy and security from an enterprise perspective, as well as global corporations with complex and sophisticated legal, operational, and technical requirements.

Our goal is to help our clients meet their global compliance obligations, protect against unauthorized disclosures or breaches of confidential or protected information, and avoid fines, law suits, reputational exposure, business interruptions, or loss of market share.

Driving Factors

The consequences of cybercrime and security breaches has alarmed industry leaders and government officials alike.  An integrated response plan that can accommodate common security incidents to major attacks that may interrupt business operations or result in significant loss of intellectual property is essential and can be the difference between managed recovery or financial, legal and operational chaos.

Privacy and cyber security are increasingly on the minds of general counsels and senior executives due to:

  • Enactment of security breach notification laws
  • Increasing numbers of lawsuits pertaining to breaches of personally indentifiable information (PPI) and cyber incidents.
  • Exponential increases in the theft of confidential and proprietary data
  • An increasingly complex global legal environment

Companies can no longer manage privacy, security, and cybercriminal activity in stovepipes – with information privacy handled as a policy issue by the Chief Privacy Officer, information security managed as a technical issue by the CIO or CISO, and cybercrime treated as an issue handled as it occurs.  Quite simply, privacy is dependent upon an effective security program, and privacy and security breaches are cybercrimes. Numerous legal issues flow from each area and intersect at the board/officer, line management, and operational levels within a company, requiring an integrated approach that meshes technical, operational, and legal knowledge.