Business and Government Markets

Global Cyber Risk (GCR) works with large and small private sector clients and governments around the world. 

On the industry side, GCR helps boards and executives manage cyber security risks and stay ahead of threats.  It also helps companies establish and maintain privacy and enterprise security programs that are consistent with best practices and standards and provides expert assistance in the event of a breach or other security incident. 

The decisions of businesses can affect the security of interconnected systems and business partners and vendors.  Government policy, laws, and regulations can impact corporate governance and privacy/security procedures.  GCR’s work with both business and government clients enables it to  help clients on both sides understand the perspective of the other and address issues before they become problems.

The management of digital assets is a global partnership, engaging the public and private sectors, domestically and abroad.  Cybercrime investigations often requires interaction with law enforcement, providers, attorneys, judges, and other businesses and government agencies.  Due to the nature of packet switching, international cooperation may be involved even on domestic events.  GCR can effectively bridge these connections between the public and private sectors to help their clients manage digital risks, whether establishing operations in a country, meeting compliance obligations, or establishing response plans or managing a security event. 

Our clients benefit from our special expertise in developing countries, particularly with respect to risks associated with various types of outsourced work, logistical issues, problems with cyber investigations, cross-border compliance issues, and the private sector environment.  Outsourced work to countries with weak or non-existent legal frameworks for privacy and security creates the potential for unwelcome liabilities or regulatory action.  The GCR  team knows how to bridge the issues between client and vendor to balance risk and achieve the common goal between client and vendor of secure digital assets, infrastructure, and operations.

GCR provides special expertise to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on legal and policy issues associated with cybersecurity R&D and works with research teams on cutting-edge threat issues.  GCR also subcontracts to prime government contractors and provides legal, policy, privacy/security, and technical expertise. 

GCR Understands the Global Legal Framework & Best Practices and Standards

Our experts understand the international legal framework and best practices and standards.  CEO Jody Westby is chair of the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Privacy & Computer Crime Committee and is leading an effort on critical infrastructure protection for the president of the ABA.  We have insights into technological solutions that can help manage risks and are engaged in international policy debates and initiatives. We have worked with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the International Telecommunications Union, Carnegie Mellon CyLab, Georgia Institute of Technology’s Information Security Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, international law enforcement, and numerous private sector entities.