Welcome to Global Cyber Risk LLC

Global Cyber Risk LLC is a boutique, woman-owned business that provides first-tier advisory services to corporations and governments in the U.S. and globally.

We specialize in:

  • Assistance to boards and senior executives in managing cyber risks and exercising effective oversight
  • Cyber risk assessments and cyber loss valuations
  • Development and maintenance of enterprise security programs
  • Development of privacy policies
  • Forensic investigations and breach management
  • Software code review

Our team works with yours, identifying the risks and liabilities in your unique business environment. No big consulting firm, no army of junior staff, we offer internationally-recognized senior leadership in the fields of privacy, security, cybercrime, cyber risk management, and forensic investigations.  We also offer specialized expertise in public-private sector cooperation and information sharing, critical infrastructure protection, and cyber terrorism.

The most serious risks facing businesses today are cyber risks.  As a result, competitiveness, market share, stock price, and brands are being hit and financial losses and legal liabilities are mounting.  Cybercriminal activities are being conducted by organized criminal rings, random bad actors, nation states – and insiders – and often go undetected.  Computer crime has become so sophisticated that it is a challenge for businesses to stay abreast of the threats they are up against, much less manage them. 

The risk of doing business in a digital world include:

  • Confidential and proprietary information are being stolen by computer malware stealthily residing in corporate systems
  • Infected systems are enabling access to other connected systems, such as business partner and client systems
  • Business websites are being poisoned with computer viruses that infect visitors to the site
  • Application code is being exploited to gain access to systems and data or interfere with business operations.

You can trust Global Cyber Risk LLC to provide targeted support you need in a manner that is consistent with internationally-accepted best practices and standards and aligned with your policies and business operations.